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Apply for a Home

Apply for a home. 

Being a homeowner is more than just having a roof over your head. Homeownership instills feelings of comfort, security, stability, and pride. 
Eligibility Criteria


  • I am a U.S. Citizen or a Legal Permanent Resident.

  • I do not currently own a home (Note: you do not need to be a first time home buyer).

  • My current living situation is substandard for my family or I have a severe rent burden.


Ability To Pay:

  • I have not had a bankruptcy in the past three years.

  • I have a minimum credit score of 630.

  • I have a credit report with no or minimal derogatory credit events

  • I have been steadily employed for the last 3 years.

  • My annual gross income falls within a minimum of $45,000 and a maximum of $91,000*.


Note: Guidelines are subject to change based on current lender requirements.

*Depending on family size


Willingness to Partner

I am willing to partner with Habitat of Rockland by completing 200-400 hours of "sweat equity" that includes working on the construction of Habitat homes, including my own, completing mandatory homeownership and financial literacy courses along with various other service requirements.


What is the first step for Habitat homeownership?

Request or download from our website a Homeownership Pre-application.  Complete the application and mail to Habitat of Rockland's office at P.O. Box 329, Spring Valley NY 10977.  If you meet all the pre-approval criteria listed on the application, someone from Family Services will contact you to set up an appointment to review your application and the Homeownership Program.  At that meeting, you will be given a full Homeownership application and we will discuss next steps in the process.


Some of the documents that may be required are:

  • Last three (3) years of tax returns

  • Most recent pay stub

  • Past two (2) months bank statements


A meeting will be set up with Habitat Rockland’s Family Services Director or a Family Selection Committee volunteer to review the application and documentation.  An in-home interview will be conducted during the review process. 

Download the application here and once completed mail or email it back to Habitat of Rockland.


Home Application:



Habitat for Humanity of Rockland County
P.O. Box 329

Spring Valley, NY 10977


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