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Come Build Better Futures With Us!

  • Volunteer as a Group

  • Volunteer as an Individual

  • Women Build

  • Student Build

Did you know...

Habitat of Rockland does not receive any funds from Habitat International and very limited funds from the government.  We rely entirely on donations from our community to help us build homes and better futures for our Rockland families in need.


What does it take to build a Habitat home?

With the average cost to build a Habitat home in Rockland of $100,000, it takes every hour of hard work by future homeowners and volunteers, every ounce of support from generous donors.  In every Habitat home you'll find dedicated volunteers, all working with a common goal:  helping another family build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.


So come join in and build alongside a Habitat family.  Help us give a family a hand up and end the cycle of poverty.  

Simple, Decent, Affordable Housing for Our Community

We believe it's about providing a hand up, not a hand out.
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