Join a Committee

Each committee works in different areas and comes together to make Habitat for Humanity of Rockland County successful!

The Fundraising Committee creates revenue for HFHR through running fundraising events and cultivating donors.As a non-profit, HFHR’s success depends on the fundraising committee. 

Members help spread the word of Habitat for Humanity’s mission and educate communities about programs offered. 

This committee is responsible for coming up with different ideas for fundraising events, planning, publicizing, and properly executing them.

Members make connections with valuable individuals within the community who have the means to help HFHR.

Family Services
The Family Selection Committee works with families in need of safe, affordable housing in our community.  Committee members assist applicant families through the family selection process and play a vital role in the selection of our partner families.

Members help educate families about Habitat's Homeownership Program and assess the family's need for shelter, the ability to pay, and their willingness to partner with HFHR.

This committee sets the tone for HFHR’s relationship with both partner families and the community.

Committee members also help to keep in touch with our Habitat homeowners, maintaining their relationship with the organization. 

The construction committee is made up of people skilled in the arts of carpentry, plumbing, electricity, and architecture.

Habitat for Humanity volunteers are often unskilled in construction, needing safety regulation education, and a lot of guidance.
Anyone can help, regardless of experience or knowledge.
Leading volunteers is a is a very fulfilling use of any skilled laborer’s spare time.

Community Outreach
The Community Outreach Committee helps get the word out to the community, about our presence in Rockland and how HFHR can help.

Members are present at community events and help support all of the committees by making the public aware of fundraisers, services, and ongoing projects. 

This committee is the face of Habitat for Humanity of Rockland, creating a strong presence and relationship with the community.

Committee members plan for presence at different events and use creativity as a way to increase public interest. 

Get involved!
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