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William Helmer



On June 2nd, Habitat of Rockland County held it's 2022 Raise The Roof Fundraiser at the Nyack Seaport.  We Honored William Helmer, president of  Helmer-Cronin Construction, Inc. in Stony Point, New York for his outstanding record of building affordable housing and his leadership and contributions to the betterment of Rockland County over the last few decades.


We can't thank our sponsors, donors and attendees enough for making our fundraiser a huge success!  We had over 145 people join us in celebrating our successes over the past year and helped us to raise well over $50,000; all of which will go to support our next build of affordable housing in the latter half of 2022.  

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Special thank you to Matt Baker for his photography of the event.

Ribbon and Key Ceremony at Hillburn Village Habitat Home

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On Friday, January 21st, the Aguillard family cut the ribbon at their new Habitat home during the key dedication ceremony.  Their hard work and dedication - along with over 4000 hours of volunteer work - they have begun a new life in a home of their own! 

A Place To Call Home...



Rockland County Executive, Ed Day,  Mayor of Hillburn Village, Joseph Tursi, and Mike Lawler, NY Assemblyman attend the Key Dedication Ceremony.

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